Characteristics Of Nuclear Power Cranes

1-Specialization of the use environment.

The working environment of nuclear power cranes is seaside or riverside. The air is corrosive and the working environment has high humidity. Therefore, the crane requires corrosion resistance.

2-The use performance requires safety, reliability and high accuracy.

Nuclear power cranes are mainly used to lift dangerous loads such as nuclear fuel, nuclear spent or nuclear waste, or to lift and repair expensive large-scale equipment. For this reason, lifting equipment must be safe and reliable, movement requirements must be balanced, and positioning must be accurate.

3-Low frequency of use and low level of work.

The vast majority of nuclear cranes are used for lifting and installing equipment or overhauling equipment, and they are often idle for a long time after the equipment is installed. Even if it is used as overhauling equipment, it usually takes 1 year, or even once in 8 or 10 years. As nuclear-level lifting equipment for running operations, it is not used frequently.

4-A wide variety and large quantity.

Take Lingao Nuclear Power Station as an example. A 2×1 million kW standard nuclear power station needs to have more than 10 types of lifting equipment with different structures and functions, with a weight of 0.05 to 407 t, a span of 2.6 to 42.6 m, simple manual cranes, and complete equipment. There are more than 250 nuclear-level cranes for automated operation.

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