Euro Double Girder Crane for Inner Mongolia Energy Group Project

On June 17, QD32/10t European double girder overhead cranes produced by Henan Zhonggong Group for Jinshan Third thermal Power Plant of Inner Mongolia Energy Group were successfully launched. Now they have been installed in the customer's factory and successfully put into use. Customer feedback, our European double beam crane has brought great convenience to their production, excellent quality, very satisfied.

Euro overhead crane is one of our main products.The advantages of these new Euro cranes developed by Henan Zhonggong Group are obvious:

First, the limit distance between the Euro crane hook and the walls on both sides is small, and the net height is low. Second, the new lifting trolley has more compact and advanced structure, which make the crane more reliable, durable and easy to maintain. Third, these Euro overhead cranes can be controlled by frequency conversion and quickly positioned. Fourth, through the application of PLC programmable controller and human-machine interface, cranes faults can be self-diagnosed. Fifth, these Euro overhead cranes have versatile functions. No need to change the original lines, just modify the program to easily expand other functions. Sixth, work and faults visible.

Henan Zhongong Group has always been committed to the business policy of "Dedicating First-class Products and Providing Satisfactory Services" and the service tenet of "Conduct Business with Ethics and Treat People with Integrity". The excellent product quality, integrity and efficiency of the first-class service.

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