Four Basic Principles of the Equipment Maintenance for the Single Girder Crane

1. Do you know how to prevent the wear of the single girder crane?

Due to the advantages of good performance and multiple options, the single girder crane is used in many different industries, and has brought very good results.

But for the single girder crane, there are also common problems of machinery and equipment, that is, the wear and tear of parts, which will greatly affect the service life of the single girder crane.

In order to prolong the service life of the single girder crane, the most effective way at present is to reduce the wear and tear of its accessories, but it is necessary to find the cause of the wear of the parts first.

Then, according to the different causes of wear, targeted prevention can be carried out. For example, for the wear caused by friction, it can be solved by adding lubricant and removing impurity particles in the friction part.

In addition, the wear and tear of the single girder crane caused by corrosion must be properly handled. The correct method needs to start with changing its material, and try to use materials that are not easy to cause chemical or electrochemical reactions and have more stable performance as hiost crane accessories, so as to have a better anti-wear effect.

2. The four basic principles of the single girder crane equipment maintenance

Mechanical equipment has a specified rated life, but this can only be used as a reference data. If you take more care in daily life, the performance of the equipment will exceed the specified service life, but if you tend to neglect the maintenance and operation of the equipment in your daily life, the equipment may age in advance.

Check: it mainly refers to checking whether the parts and components of the single girder crane equipment are worn, the structure is tight and the safety devices are kept in good condition during the daily idle and use process.

Once a problem is found, it must be dealt with timely. If it cannot be dealt with by oneself, it is necessary to make a sign to tell other staff that they should stop the machine for rectification, and report it to the superior in time or wait for the maintenance personnel to deal with it before they can resume work.

Note: the single girder crane is also made of some steel and other raw materials, so there will be wear and tear between parts during use. Humans have invented lubricating oil, which can effectively reduce the wear and tear of equipment.

Lubrication of equipment is also a knowledge, and maintenance personnel must strictly follow the standards to make the equipment lubricated in place to achieve the best effect.

Clean: it means that the single girder crane operates in a harsh environment for a long time, and there will inevitably be external dust and impurities falling into the equipment. However, if some dust falls into some internal parts of the single girder crane due to seal loss, it will cause unpredictable serious consequences.

At the same time, if the surface of the cooling system of the equipment is covered with a lot of impurities, dust, and other substances, it will cause failures such as the failure of the cooling system. Moreover, cleaning the equipment can also effectively prevent the surface of the equipment from being seriously corroded by some substances such as acid and alkali.

Embellish: it means that all workers related to single beam lifting operation need to operate in strict accordance with the operation standards of single girder crane equipment, and can not take it for granted to create some operation skills, etc., which is easy to cause accidents due to the misoperation of operators or other relevant personnel.

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