How About Harbour Cranes and How Important Are They

The current application of lifting equipment can better meet the actual user needs. Because there are many types of lifting equipment, many different industries are involved. In order to better understand the harbour cranes, many different types and models of hoist cranes should be involved. Generally it can be divided according to different tonnages, and the actual requirements of the working radius are involved as well. In reality, users need to choose the types and models of lifting equipment according to the needs of the harbour.

1. The importance of actual use of harbour cranes

Because in recent years, the construction of harbour and wharves in many coastal cities and regions has provided convenience for the current economic development, which involves the installation and use of harbour crane equipment. The types of goods carried by different ships are different. During the transfer and lifting process of the hoist crane, various auxiliary devices are also needed, which better improves the performance of the equipment, not only improving the actual work efficiency, but also providing a better guarantee for economic development.

2. Design and application of structure of harbour crane equipment

(1) Nowadays, the use of new materials and processing techniques has improved the performance of various equipment and facilities. Similarly, when designing and manufacturing harbour crane equipment, professional hoist factory will make use of the selection and use of basic raw materials to guarantee the application performance of lifting equipment, combined with the use of new manufacturing technology, so as to improve the use effect of the original lifting equipment, and to improve the reliability and safety of the equipment through the matching application of various components.

(2) The reasonable design of harbour crane equipment can reduce the occurrence of misoperation in real applications, effectively guarantee the safety of equipment in operation. When combined with the use of new basic materials, it can make the equipment more stable. Therefore, in the power setting and upgrading of the lifting equipment, it can better meet the requirements of lifting operation for materials in harbour.

3. Prevent theft against harbour cranes

(1) But even such a huge harbour crane machine can be stolen. This seems to be an incredible thing. But in fact, there is such theft in life.

(2) People who work in the harbour may sometimes find that the equipment is not working properly when operating the harbour crane and the double girder hoist could not be used normally. When the staff check the machinery and equipment carefully, they will find that the cable of the harbour crane has been cut. There are originally five motors at the resistance transformer, and a lot of cables are involved in the connection to this motor, but now there are no cables in the slot. It's hard to understand who may steal the cable? According to later inspections, these cables alone cause a loss of about 20,000 yuan. In fact, the loss of these cables is not only a financial loss, but also brings impact on the progress of the project, resulting in the failure of the original work plan to be executed normally.

(3) Here, we need to remind everyone that for large equipment such as harbour cranes, cables are important. Many thieves will notice this kind of cables. If you want to avoid losing it, the best way is to install surveillance cameras near the project. More monitoring equipment should be used, and more alarm equipment can be installed to avoid losses. Don't think that such large equipment will not be stolen.

(4) In fact, carelessness often causes huge economic losses. Once it is stolen, you will definitely regret it. If you pay more attention to some security issues, the theft will definitely not happen. We should pay more attention to these basic issues in the later period. Don't think that harbour cranes are large-scale equipment and ignore their safety issues.

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