How to Maintain the Accessories of the Gantry Crane Hoist?

The working performance and service life of various mechanisms of crane depend largely on lubrication. Take a gantry crane hoist as an example. Once it is improperly maintained, its hooks and steel wire ropes are likely to have broken wires, cracks, etc., and other parts of the accessories will also be affected. So how should each accessory system of the gantry crane hoist be maintained?

1. Maintenance of the crane's track

In the maintenance of the track of gantry crane hoist, the hammer percussion method is often used to check whether the track and the fixing bolts of the track are cracked and loose.

In addition, when gantry crane hoists are maintained in cold and snowy cities, the snow on the track should be removed frequently to prevent the snow from eroding or rusting the track and causing damage.

The crane track must be inspected once a year to ensure that the direct span error of the track is no more than 3mm, and the height error is no more than 3mm, and the data results should be checked to determine whether the track is sinking.

2. Maintenance of the transmission mechanism of the gantry crane hoist

During the maintenance of the transmission mechanism of the gantry crane hoist, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the motor to prevent water or oil from entering during rotation. At the same time, ensure that the connector and junction box of the motor have good waterproof performance, and ensure that the motor is used at a power supply higher than 85% of the rated voltage.

Whenever the season changes, the lubricating oil should be changed for the gear box of gantry crane hoist. Generally, HL30 gear oil is used in summer and HL20 gear oil in winter.

In this process, it should be noted that the gearbox will often leak oil.

Therefore, when adding lubricating oil to the gearbox, it is necessary to ensure good sealing performance and at the same time to operate properly to avoid excessive oil volume of the gantry crane hoist and failure of the firmware to be tightened. It is best to install the ventilation device on the fuel tank cover to keep the internal and external pressure balance of the gearbox to effectively prevent oil leakage in the gearbox.

In addition, it is necessary to judge whether the wheel has cracks, usually using the small hammer percussion method, and check the wheel rolling surface. The wear degree cannot reach 10%, and the wheel flange cannot reach 55%. The diameter error of the matching driving wheel shall not exceed 0.1% of the nominal diameter. Once it exceeds, it must be adjusted or replaced.

3. Maintenance of electrical components and lines of gantry crane hoist

When maintaining electrical components and wiring, clean up the dust on the electrical switch at any time to ensure good contact with the wiring and avoid disconnection that affects the normal operation of the crane. The working frequency of the contactor is the highest and is directly affected by the working frequency of the crane.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the contacts of contactor are flat and clean, so that they can be more flexible and reliable; at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the gear of crane controller is clearly visible, flexible and more reliable in operation;

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the connection between the crane's motor and the electronic control equipment is normal, and that the grounding bolt of the electronic control equipment must be tightened, and that if there is a problem, it must be replaced in time.

4. Maintenance of metal components of gantry crane hoist

First of all, a detailed inspection of the main force-bearing parts of the gantry crane hoist is necessary, because these parts are prone to damage due to the concentrated force, so they need to be inspected.

In addition, since metal components are often exposed outdoors, it is necessary to derust the gantry crane hoist and apply new paint every year, which can effectively extend the service life of the metal components.

At the same time, if the corrosion degree of the metal component reaches 10%, it needs to be scrapped, and when the span of the main beam reaches 1%, it can be repaired or scrapped if it fails.

Finally, the wire and metal pipes of the crane should be checked frequently to see if there is corrosion, and it should be repainted to prevent the corrosion from expanding. It is best to take corresponding protective measures to avoid corrosion as much as possible.

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