How to Prevent Welding Cracks in Port Cranes?

1. What is a port crane?

Port cranes are special equipment, and the requirements for their manufacturing process will be strict. We know the welding processes used by crane manufacturers.

The control of the welding process of port cranes is based on the quality files of the inspection equipment, combined with on-site inspections and targeted special inspections, to inspect the welding process control of the cranes, and to prevent and control the welding cracks of the cranes.

The port crane has standardized and complete on-site welding process and welding records, and effectively controls the welding quality; then pay attention to the integrity of the welding equipment and meet the welding requirements; the welding plate can also meet the relevant technical specifications and corresponding standard requirements.

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2. How do port cranes prevent welding cracks?

In order to prevent welding cracks, port cranes should pay attention to welding quality statistics and data analysis; for maintenance during welding, maintenance management should be carried out in accordance with regulations. At the same time, the inspection process of relevant regulations shall be carried out according to the repair welding of base metal defects.

In the crane welding process, certain technical grasp and technical processing are required. The use of port crane welding process is more strict, and there are certain regulations and standards for welding quality. The quality of welding is closely related to the safe operation of the crane, and the demand for this process is higher.

After that, we should also note that if we want the welding quality of harbor cranes, we need professionals to do the relevant work when welding. After port cranes are welded, certain testing techniques are required to test the process.

It should also be noted that welding cracks are critical welding defects that need to be controlled during crane manufacturing. The existence of welding cracks affects the service life of the product and determines the safety of the crane.

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