Under What Circumstances Can an Emergency Braking Operation of a Harbour Crane Be Initiated?

Regarding the safe operation details of harbour cranes, this is the first lesson every driver needs to master when he comes into contact with harbour crane equipment. From different time periods before, during and after driving, harbour cranes should pay attention to different safety operation details. Now let's take a closer look.

1. Pay attention to the inspection of all aspects of the harbour crane before driving and operating

Pay attention to check whether the harbour crane bracket is abnormally loose, whether the air pressure is within the proper control range, whether the water temperature of the internal combustion engine is within the proper temperature range, and how the lubrication effect is.

The temperature control of harbor cranes directly affects the lubrication effect. If the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will increase. At this point, overall liquidity will only get worse. If there is high-speed operation, pay attention to the wear of the entire part.

When driving a harbour crane, you should also pay attention to controlling the water temperature range, generally around 80 degrees, and try to be around 90 degrees. If the water temperature is lower than 80 degrees, be careful not to drive too fast, otherwise a rollover accident is likely to occur.

2. Try not to use the emergency braking of the harbour crane during the driving process of the harbour crane

Once the deceleration behavior occurs, the sliding needs to be stopped. If the harbour crane needs to be reversed while driving, it is recommended to reverse the vehicle in the presence of the relevant guardian.

In addition, during the driving process of the harbor crane, the chassis platform should be kept stable, and do not place too many other irrelevant objects around the chassis, so as not to affect the normal operation.

In a word, we have not summarized much about the basic operation safety of harbour cranes. What is important is the experience accumulated in the actual operation process.

Because the situation that harbour cranes may encounter in each engineering operation is different, field operation experience is often more important than theoretical experience. Especially in port operations, the safety liability accident of harbor cranes is more important than anything.

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