What Factors Are Related to the Hoisting of Terminal Cranes?

Dock cranes can carry out loading and unloading operations between shore and ship. They have high work efficiency, good operation stability and flexible operation. They are ideal loading and unloading equipment for inland rivers and lakes. It is especially suitable for a large number of loading and unloading operations at the wharf, and users can choose to configure a hook or a grab.

Dock-mounted cranes are quayside-mounted cranes. The crane uses hooks or grab buckets to work, and can load and unload with full working range, such as steel, bag goods, wood, etc. When the multi-limb special hook is used, multiple pieces of goods can be lifted at one time. When equipped with electromagnetic chuck, scrap steel can be lifted.

Overhead crane with swivel sports car and working with a gripper for unloading arriving ore ships in the seaport. The sports car has a load capacity of 30 tons and a turning radius of 13.5 meters.

When loading and unloading cargo between the sea ship and the barge, the power of this quay crane is 550 tons/hour, and the cargo on the ship is unloaded; and if the distance between the ship and the stack is longer, its power is 500 tons/hour . This power per load situation can also be greatly improved.

With the development of the economy and the exchange of overseas trade, the terminal economy has become more and more important. In the past, the wharf was relied on manpower, but in order to improve efficiency, more and more mechanical equipment is used, such as marine cranes and wharf cranes, which play an important role in the handling of goods and promote economic development. So what factors are related to the hoisting of dock cranes? Let's take a look together.

1. The quality of the quay crane

Choosing a high-quality terminal crane is the premise, and the quality of the quay crane can ensure the safety of hoisting.

2. The voltage of the quay crane

Generally, the voltage of the terminal crane must be stable, which is separate from the general electricity consumption. If the voltage is unstable, the motor will not run smoothly and the lifting weight will be reduced. Usually the design rated voltage of dock cranes is 220v plus or minus 5v.

3. The diameter and length of the wire rope of the quay crane

These factors are often overlooked. If a wire rope with a thick diameter or a long length is used, the diameter of the drum will increase. Since the speed of the motor of the quay crane is constant, the speed of the quay crane will be accelerated, which will reduce the power of the quay crane and reduce the lifting weight.

4. The angle of the dock crane

When hoisting, the angle between the inclined arm and the column should be controlled within 45 degrees, and the less the angle, the better.

5. Maintenance and maintenance of quay cranes

In the surface treatment, it is necessary to clean the surface of the component and apply anti-rust paint and decorative paint film. In terms of lubrication, the lubrication of internal equipment is very important, and it is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency and safety of use.

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