What is the Procedure for Cleaning the Hydraulic Tank of a Port Crane?

Due to the large volume and weight of the oil tank of the crane equipment, there are many oil pipes on it that cannot be disassembled and cleaned, and the oil tank on many port cranes cannot be disassembled, which requires us to master some necessary skills when cleaning.

1. Hydraulic tank cleaning of port cranes

The steps refer to the need to put the remaining oil in the tank into the port crane before cleaning. Before removing the oil tank cap and oil filter, turn off the oil supply and oil drain switch, and then pour an appropriate amount of clean hydraulic oil to clean the oil tank.

Next, when cleaning the hydraulic oil tank of the port crane, it is necessary to inject an appropriate amount of hydraulic oil, suspend the power take-off, and carry out the corresponding hoisting operation, so that the hydraulic oil circulates in the hydraulic system to clean the impurities in the oil passage; Remove the oil return pipe so that the oil pump can work.

The waste oil flows out from the oil return pipe, and the corresponding oil cylinders are all extended. After all the waste oil is discharged, the oil tank is thoroughly cleaned, and the new hydraulic oil is reinstalled, the filter and the oil tank cover are installed, and the cleaning is completed.

2. In the process of operation, the safety control points of port cranes:

Before operation, first pay attention to check the wire rope, clutch, brake, safety ratchet, transmission pulley, etc. During operation, the wire rope on the roller should remain less than three turns. During the operation of the port crane, no one is allowed to pass through the wire rope of the winch, and the wire rope must not be dragged.

The safety control of port crane equipment should be noted that it is strictly forbidden to leave the work post without authorization during operation, and others are not allowed to open the machine at will; in the process of work, the commander's signal should be listened to.

If the signal is unknown or an accident may occur, the operation should be suspended. Continue the operation only after the situation is clear; when the eotc crane equipment is running, attention should be paid to immediately open the switch breakpoint and put down the transport items.

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