Assist Shenzhen Baochang GE Gas Power to complete the hoisting of the stator and rotator!


On April 2, 2022, Zhonggong’s four 130/30t double beam bridge cranes supplied for Guangdong GE International Baochang Gas Power 2×400MW expansion project were successfully completed the hoisting of stator and rotator.


Due to the difficulty of stator and rotator hoisting construction, the crane is required to have the characteristics of high safety factor, stable operation and good performance. Therefore, in the installation process, with our engineers’ rich experience of research and design, serious and responsible concept, we have provided detailed and professional services for the operators of Shenzhen Baochang GE Gas Power. After the close cooperation and precise operation of both parties in the stator and rotator hoisting process, the project was finally successfully completed.



Over the past month, Zhonggong’s large tonnage double beam bridge cranes have assisted in the successful completion of several stator and rotator hoisting projects. Our products and services have won the recognition of customers, and the customers expressed the willingness for long-term cooperation with us.


Founded in 1983, Zhonggong Group has been specializing in the field of crane for about 40 years. Overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, electric hoist and crane components are our main products, higher quality products and more professional services are our unremitting pursuit. Our customers are located in more than 32 countries including Russia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Malaysia, South Africa, South East Asia, Bangladesh, etc. Hopefully to be your trustworthy partner in China.




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