Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

Electromagnetic Overhead crane is developed from the bridge double-girder crane. The fuselage has a detachable electromagnetic chuck and a configured operating system to control the transportation and lifting of metal objects by the electromagnetic chuck. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor fixing, crossing, loading and unloading or transporting metal products and materials with permeability, such as steel ingots, structural steel, iron, scrap iron, scrap steel and other materials.

Advantages of Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

  • Heavy lifting capacity and high work efficiency;

  • Suitable for special environments (high temperature, explosion-proof, etc.);

  • Long service life;

  • Easy to install and maintain;

  • Reasonable structure and strong rigidity;

  • Frequency conversion speed regulation;

  • Support cabin control and remote control;

  • It can be equipped with specific accessories such as lifting beam magnet or magnet chuck or grabbing bucket or C-shaped hook according to different purposes.

Specification of Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

Lifting capacity(t)5t ~32t
Lifting height5m-30m
Power supply380V, 50Hz, AC, 3-Phase our Customized
Control methodCabin Control/ Radio remote control/ Pendent line control
Main electric parts brandSchneider/ ABB
Level of protectionIP55
Isolation gradeClass F
Working temperature-20~50℃


Applications Of Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

It's widely used in workshops, metallurgy, warehouses and assembly shops, etc.

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