Launching Gantry Crane

Bridge gantry crane

Launching Gantry Crane is mainly used for lifting equipment in the construction of railways, highways and bridges. Because the position is not fixed and the walking is relatively large, the connecting parts are connected in the form of connecting rods, which are easy to disassemble and transport.

Launching Gantry Crane mainly include Bridge Building Crane, Bridge launching gantry Crane, and Girder Launcher.

Launching Gantry Crane is mainly used for general loading and unloading and intermediate handling in construction plants such as roads, bridges, and power plants.

Launching gantry crane types

Launching gantry crane typesStructureFeatureParameter
Bridge launching gantry craneComposed of gantry, winch trolley, crane operating mechanism, driver's cab and electrical control systemSlow working speed, truss gantry, light structure, strong wind resistance,closed cabLifting capacity:<200ton crane,
span:40m, 32m
Bridge building crane Composed of machine arm, crane trolley, outrigger, hydraulic system, electrical system, generator set, and safety monitoring system.Lifting transportation beam, longitudinal movement, variable frequency walking mechanism, high mechanizationLifting capacity:450t-900t, 500 ton Bridge Building crane
Lifting speed:0-0.5m/min;
Lifting height:5m/6m
Span:32m, 24m, 20m
Girder launcherA gantry crane, composed of assembled main beams, outriggers, trolleyEasy to disassemble, install and transport, economical and practical, high safety performanceLifting capacity:<1000ton crane, 450 ton crane, 250 ton crane, 100 ton crane
Span: 30-48m

Types and features of launching gantry crane

Features of girder launcher

Unique pin connection, firm and reliable, easy to install.

A-type fracture surface, continuous girder with low center of gravity, convenient and reliable.

The machine can accomplish the build of girders with carrying and erection at the same time.

Low deflection and high stiffness.

Safe and reliable, High efficiency.

Safety Features

Safety is the most important issue for cranes. To ensure the safety,the following safety devices are equipped in BL crane.

Crane traveling limit switch.

Overload protection device.

Lifting height limit device.

Voltage lower protection function .

Phase sequence protection function.

Emergency stop function.

Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electric cubicle.

Warning indicator : flashing nights and warning sounds.

Wire-less infra-detector for anti-collusion.


Features of Bridge Building Crane

1. Horizontal operation landing the beam in place at one time;

2. Suitable for the construction of inclined(curved)bridge;

3. Light weight, convenient and quick transportation, installation and removal;

4. Safe and reliable work, small longitudinal cantilever deflection;

5. The legs are not landed on bridge deck when longitudinal moving, reducing the pressure on the beam/bridge deck.


Features of Bridge launching gantry Crane

1. The crane adopts colloidal pin wheel reducer, soft start motor and eight wheel four-way drive, which has stable operation and high safety.

2. Good crane height design, large operation area of trolley mechanism and high utilization rate of enterprise plant.

3. Stable structure, light weight of the whole machine, reasonable drum diameter, pulley block magnification and reducer support structure

4. High precision electrical management, AC variable frequency speed regulation + PLC program control, mechanical and electrical protection devices

5. Serial and modular design.

6. Frequency conversion management, stable starting and braking, swing prevention technology, and safer lifting of goods.

EOT Crane

Advantages Of Launching Gantry Crane

There is enough space to handle large items.
The product structure has advantages and strong lifting capacity.
Flexible operation, safe and reliable.
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