Overhead Crane

Industrial overhead crane

Overhead cranes, also known as bridge cranes, are usually used for hoisting materials in workshops, warehouses, and stockyards. It runs through the tracks on both sides of the viaduct, lifting materials without obstacles, and making full use of the space under the bridge. Overhead cranes are currently the most widely used and the largest in number. It is an important equipment for realizing modern industrial production and crane transportation mechanization and automation.

Overhead crane types

There are various overhead crane types classified by purpose.

Overhead crane typesClassificationApplication
General overhead craneHook overhead crane, grab bridge crane, electromagnetic bridge crane, 2- purpose overhead crane, 3- purpose overhead craneMachining workshop, assembly workshop, power plant, warehouse, storage yard
Metallurgical bridge craneCasting bridge crane, clamp crane, ingot stripping crane, feeding crane and forging craneSteel Plant
Explosion-proof bridge craneExplosion-proof bridge crane for coal mine; explosion-proof bridge crane for factoryCoal mines, factories with flammable and explosive mixtures

Overhead crane use

Overhead cranes are widely used. They run on elevated tracks and are used in workshops and warehouses.

1. Warehousing-Move heavy and large objects in and out of the dock area.

2. Assembly-Move unfinished products through the production process.

3. Transport-Load the finished product onto a rail car or open trailer.

4. Storage-Transfer heavy or super large objects to the storage area.

Benefits of industrial overhead crane

  • Improve safety and avoid ground obstacles

  • Reduce the overall investment of the plant

  • Improve production efficiency, Reduce maintenance costs

  • Save operating energy consumption

Applications of overhead crane systems

Zhonggong has standard production process, strict quality control system, 100% inspection in the whole process from raw materials to delivery, and provides customers with safe, reliable and high-quality lifting equipment and services.

For more than 30 years, we have been working with our customers to provide them with high-quality, cost-effective cranes and the best material handling solutions for their industry, whether it's food, beverage or shipbuilding. The 100-ton crane we designed and produced successfully passed the customer's ex-factory inspection and was shipped to Indonesia as scheduled. The turbine room crane we provide has been debugged and operated successfully in Shenhua Shendong China. The large-tonnage double-beam bridge crane in the power industry, which has nearly 40 years' experience in the research and development of heavy cranes, has become the patented product of our company.

Our product catalogue is one of the most extensive products in the industry, according to customer's project requirements, our products include bridge crane, gantry crane, jib crane and so on. Each of these material handling solutions is available in multiple models to meet the lifting capacity, height and span needs of crane agents and terminal customers.

EOT Crane

Advantages Of Overhead Crane

Compact Appearance
Low Working Noise
Variable Frequency Drive
Easy To Install
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