Mobile Gantry Crane

Mobile gantry cranes are designed and manufactured for small and medium-sized factories, used for loading and unloading warehouse goods, maintaining heavy equipment and transporting materials, etc.

The mobile gantry crane is a light and small equipment crane, and this kind of mini gantry crane can move and rotate 360°. Universal load wheels are installed under the outriggers, which can move freely on flat ground. The main beam of the mast and the outrigger can be quickly disassembled and installed, and it can be easily moved and disassembled from one work site to another.

Mobile gantry cranes are suitable for occasions that require lifting such as mold manufacturing companies, mines, auto repair factories, construction sites, logistics companies, mechanical processing and manufacturing companies, and warehouses.

mobile gantry crane
movable gantry crane
mobile gantry crane by zhonggong
mobile gantry crane
movable gantry crane
mobile gantry crane by zhonggong

Advantages Of Portable Gantry Crane/Mobile Gantry Crane

  • This kind of mini gantry crane can reduce manpower, realize hoisting machinery, reduce production and operation costs, and improve work efficiency.

  • Our portable mini gantry crane has a simple structure, easy installation, good usability, and efficient high performance.

  • Other advantages of portable mini gantry crane: low maintenance cost, standardized, generalized, and serialized parts.

Parameters Of Portable Gantry Crane/Mobile Gantry Crane

Lifting capacity0~10t
Lifting height1~15m
Power supply3-Phase AC 380V 50HZ

Structure of Mobile Gantry Crane


Packing Of Portable Gantry Crane/Mobile Gantry Crane

  • The electrical components are packed in high-quality plywood crates to reduce deformation during transportation.

  • The main beam, end beam, and trolley are packed with plastic woven cloth. It can reduce wear during transportation.

  • If the size is suitable for a container ship, it is usually a container.

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