Zhonggong Crane For Different Industries

Zhonggong provides various cranes, including garage, glass, nuclear and foundry cranes in many industries. Zhonggong understands the stringent requirements of the industrial, steel and manufacturing industries, has rich experience in cooperative projects at home and abroad for many years, realizes the efficient operation of machines, and has become a reliable supplier of crane solutions in the industry.

Zhonggong Crane For Metals Production

Metals Production

Zhonggong Group has professional knowledge and technology, our crane helps you complete steelmaking continuous casting in a dangerous, difficult, severe heat metal production industry.

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Zhonggong Crane For General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing

We provide the lifting equipment and service in general production work to meet your material lifting work in a warehouse, workshop and stockyard.

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Zhonggong Crane For Shipyards


Cranes are widely used in the shipbuilding industry. We meet the different requirements of different customers and provide customers with Specific,safe, reliable and high-performance crane solutions.

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Zhonggong Crane For Container Handling

Container Handling

Working in the open air, container handling cranes have been widely used in port, yard, station, stack, etc. In order to quicken the turnover of the vehicle, the operation of loading and unloading, transhipment of goods on the shipping and car needs high efficiency.

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Zhonggong Crane For Construction


When you have bridge construction, highway or railway construction, construction element manufacturing, tunnel and pipeline construction projects, our company's launching gantry crane is here to serve you.

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Zhonggong Crane For Power Station

Power Station

Zhonggong Group provides all kinds of material handling cranes for power departments all over the world and provides reliable services for the production, operation and maintenance of power plants.

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Zhonggong Crane For Mining


Mining crane is essential equipment for mining, Zhonggong Group design and manufacture professional complete solutions for you.

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Zhonggong Crane For Nuclear


With more than 10 years in the nuclear business, Zhonggong Group has been in the industry-leading position, and has been rated as a "crane engineering technology research center for nuclear power station".

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Zhonggong Crane For Paper Industry

Paper Industry

In the paper industry, the wet and dry ends of paper machines need to be supplied with a high level of reliability, rolls of paper have to be stored and retrieved gently, precisely and efficiently. From the precise placing to the full-auto storage of roll, Zhonggong provides customized material handling solutions for each customer.

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Gantry cranes

Gantry Cranes is a crane designed to float back and forth between gantry construction. Gantry is an overhead frame structure with suspension support equipment. The design of the Gantry Cranes is very similar to that of overhead cranes, although the category of overhead cranes includes those mounted on movable gantry, allowing workers to use cranes only when needed.

Warehouse cranes

The efficiency and storage capacity of the warehouse depend on the quality of the material handling equipment it uses.The important role that container Handling cranes can play in your material handling needs enables warehouse workers to efficiently and safely transport, lift and store all kinds of objects and goods in the warehouse, help workers move very large and heavy objects and equipment, and accurately place heavy objects in a specific location in the warehouse. The following are various types of storage cranes that are often used. 

Bridge Cranes 

Overhead cranes are used in warehouses, shipyards and construction sites to move and accurately place large and heavy materials. The bridge crane spans the gap between the two runways. Cranes travel along the bridge and are usually used for single-story warehouse operations such as manufacturing. 

Jib Cranes

Compared with the bridge crane, the jib crane is characterized by the installation of a crane or crane on the jib or jib, the boom is fixed on the wall or fixed mast, and the boom rotates around the boom. In some cases, the boom is fixed to the mast and cannot be rotated laterally. In manufacturing, moving arms are often used to move large objects into place. 

Mining cranes

Safe and accurate lifting and crane performance. In mining and mineral processing, cranes such as mine hoist, bridge crane and gantry crane are indispensable equipment in production and maintenance tasks. For mining crane, the movement of the crane is completely vertical. 

For safety reasons, the key factors are the accurate control and fast response of the mechanical brake at large torque. Ac drive provides constant torque control and fast response to meet these requirements. Mine hoisting system consists of five main components: hoists, conveyances, wire ropes, shafts, and head frames. Each of these components requires a wide range of design considerations. 

In the operation of mine hoist, electric motor is more and more replacing diesel motor and eddy current motor. The motor can be controlled by AC drive to provide optimal safety and excellent performance.

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