Port Container Crane

The port container crane is a heavy-duty double-beam gantry crane with a U-shaped door frame and a very large leg distance, up to 7M. It is suitable for loading and unloading containers, heavy and large cargo.

The port container crane is composed of four main parts: bridge structure, trolley traveling mechanism, crane traveling mechanism and electrical equipment.

Port container cranes are widely used in railway freight yards, ports, storage yards, container freight stations and other places.

Cargo Container Crane
Cargo Ship Crane
Cargo Crane
Harbor Crane
Cargo Container Crane
Cargo Ship Crane
Cargo Crane
Harbor Crane

Advantages Of Port Container Crane

  • Advanced technology, exquisite design, beautiful appearance

  • Novel structure, large span, high stability, strong reliability

  • Large loading capacity, high work efficiency, flexible operation, and simple maintenance

Parameters Of Port Container Crane

Lifting weight

Lifting height45m
Power supply3 Phase 380V 50hz

Packing Of Port Container Crane

  • Electrical components are packed in high-quality plywood crates to reduce deformation during transportation.

  • The main beam, end beam, and trolley are packed with plastic woven cloth. It can reduce wear during transportation.

EOT Crane
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