Zhonggong Crane For Nuclear

Zhonggong Crane For Nuclear

Having been rated as the "Crane Engineering Technology Research Center for Unclear Power Station", we are professional in nuclear material handling and lifting equipment. 

We design, install and service high-level cranes and other machinery for handling nuclear fuel more safely and efficiently.

Cranes for Nuclear Applications

The circular bridge crane for nuclear power plants mainly provides installation and maintenance services for the heavy equipment in the reactor building of the nuclear power plant, and provides lifting services for the refueling of the reactor. The wheels of the cart run along the circular track on the upper part of the cylindrical building, referred to as the nuclear ring crane.

In the construction phase of nuclear power plants, ring cranes are used to install heavy equipment in the reactor building, such as steam generators, reactor pressure vessels, stabilizers, lower and upper reactor internals, and other light-load equipment. In the operating phase of nuclear power plants, ring cranes are used for various lifting services required for reactor shutdown and refueling and equipment maintenance in the reactor building.

There are many types of cranes dedicated to nuclear power plants, with different uses. Gantry cranes, located outside the reactor building, are used to lift bolt stretchers or other equipment on platforms at different elevations during reactor shutdown and refueling, maintenance, or construction and operation. The spent fuel container crane is mainly used for the hoisting operations of the receiving, loading and launching of the spent fuel container.

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