Light Crane

Light crane overview

The light crane adopts a unique design concept and has the characteristics of small size, light weight and small wheel pressure. Its headroom is low, it can work closer to the front, and its lifting height is higher, which actually increases the effective working space of the existing plant.

Our light cranes mainly include jib cranes, portal cranes, lifting platforms, portable cranes, etc. It is widely used in factories, manufacturing enterprises, mines, auto repair factories, logistics companies and other places.

Features of light crane system

1. Light weight and small wheel pressure  

Unique design and compact structure. The cantilever is a hollow steel structure, so it has light self weight. It adopts special engineering plastic walking wheel with rolling bearing, with small friction and wheel pressure.  

2. Easy installation and high cost performance  

The light crane only needs to be simply installed on the wall or column, and its own structural size is small, so it covers a small area. In addition, its parts have strong universality and high reliability, so it has high cost performance.  

3. Large working space and high efficiency  

The limit distance from the hook of the light crane to the wall is smaller, the clearance height is the lowest, which is closer to the operation, and plays the role of increasing the effective working space of the existing plant.  

4. Accurate positioning and easy operation  

High reliability electric hoist is used for lifting equipment, and the traveling mechanism can be driven manually. It has the advantages of simple operation, safe movement and accurate positioning.

Different types of the light duty gantry cranes 


1. Jib crane. Depending on the cooperative action of the lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism and rotating mechanism, the heavy objects can be lifted and transported in the cylindrical space. The operation is relatively simple and the movement is relatively flexible.


2. Portable gantry crane. Mobile gantry crane is most popular type material lifting equipment for workshop, warehouse material delivery, outdoor, construction, etc. It consists of gantry frame, main beam, hoist, electric driven, universal and electrical box, etc, and can be complete designed and customized as per customer demands.


3. Lifting platform. The function of this crane is simple and can only play a lifting role. It is characterized by fixed track, simple operation, various types and wide application range.


4. Bridge crane. It mainly depends on the cooperative action of the lifting mechanism and the running mechanisms of large and small vehicles, which can lift and transport the heavy objects in the cubic space, and make the heavy objects hung on the hook or other lifting devices realize vertical lifting or horizontal displacement in the space.

EOT Crane

Advantages of Light Crane

Sturdy structure, few failures, easy maintenance and high safety.
It can reduce manpower, realize hoisting machinery, reduce production and operation costs, and improve work efficiency.
Low maintenance cost, standardized, generalized and serialized parts.
Products can be customized according to customer needs.
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