Hoist & Crane Trolley

Gantry crane trolley

Electric Hoist and Crane Trolleys are essential functional mechanisms running on the beam of cranes to realize the operation in both the horizontal and vertical directions. It has various types, such as CD1 MD1 Wire Rope Electric Hoist, Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist, Insulation electric hoist, Monorail Hoist, European Wire Rope Electric Hoist, etc.

Hoist trolley systems types

Hoist trolley systemsStructureFeatureParameter
Chain electric HoistMotor,  transmission mechanism,  sprocket and chainReasonable design,  advanced structure,  small volume,  light weight,  high strength,  high toughness,  safe and reliable use,  simple maintenance and durabilityLifting capacity:  0.1-60 ton,  3 ton hoist, 10 ton hoist;
Lifting height:  4-120m;
Wire rope hoistReducer,  operating mechanism,  drum,  hook,  coupling,  limiterCompact structure,  light weight,  small volume,  universality of parts and convenient operationLifting capacity: 0.5-10 ton hoist,  2 ton hoist,  5 ton hoist;
Lifting speed:  8m/min;
Mini electric hoistpure copper motor,  rotor, steel wire rope, literBeautiful appearance,  reasonable structure,  convenient installation,  low noise,  safe and reliable useLifting capacity: <1 ton hoist;
Lifting speed: 10m/min;
WinchMotor, coupling, brake, gearbox and drumSimple operation, large amount of rope winding, convenient displacement, good speed regulation performance and wide applicationLifting capacity: 2-200 ton;
Rope capacity: 30-1000 m;

Zhonggong hoist manufacturers

Henan Zhonggong group as an expert material handling equipment manufacturer, we not only offer a vast variety of cranes, but also supply a range of electric hoists that can be used on our cranes for multiple applications.

Specially, we has various types of hoists such as European-type electric hoist, CD/MD model wire rope electric hoist(0.25-16t capacity),  HC model electric hoists (8-63t capacity), explosion-proof wire rope electric Hoist (0.5-10t capacity) and double rail trolley Hoist etc. Hoist and trolley are devices used for for lifting or lowering a load, with slight modification, hoist can be also be used as a winch.

Our electric hoists has the features of  high load capacity, comprehensive features, high versatility and reliability. No matter whether they are used for irregular and continuous hoisting or pulling purposes, these hoisting machines provide the optimal solution for customers.

Portable electric hoist

Portable electric hoist is also called mini electric hoist. It is generally divided into fixed type and running type, which is suitable for various occasions, especially for daily civil, industrial production line, freight logistics and other occasions. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, small and exquisite, and uses single-phase electricity as the power source. The production design of micro electric hoist has reached international standards to ensure the safety of use. The motor heat sink adopts cast iron structure to improve the service life. In terms of hook, advanced double hook setting is specially designed, which greatly increases the lifting weight of micro electric hoist.

Features of Portable electric hoist

1,  The miniature electric hoist is dexterous in design and easy to use.

2,  When the limit baffle touches the limiter, the lifting opportunity will automatically stop operation.

3,  If the steel wire rope is lifted reversely, the hoist motor will automatically stop working.

4,  The hook design of the hoist is divided into two states: dynamic loading and static loading.

5,  Household 220V power supply for operation.

6,  The power cord is plug-in and easy to use.

7,  The hoist hook can rotate 360°.

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