Grab Bridge Crane

The lifting capacity of Grab Bridge Crane is about 5-25 tons. It is widely used in power stations, warehouses, workshops, and ports for loading and unloading scattered objects. Grab bridge cranes are mainly used for medium to heavy lifting work.

grab bridge crane
grab bridge crane 1
grab bridge crane 2
grab bridge crane 3
grab bridge crane
grab bridge crane 1
grab bridge crane 2
grab bridge crane 3

Introduction of Grab Bridge Crane

Grab Bridge Crane is mainly consisted with bridge frame, crane travelling machanism, trolley, electric equipments, grab. Grab bridge cranes are divided into light grabs, medium grabs, heavy grabs and super heavy grabs according to different materials and material capacity weight.

List of materials grabbed by various grab buckets



Grab materialMaterial capacity weight(t/㎡)
Lightcoke, slag,cereals,potatoes,medium anthracite lime, cement, soil, gravel, clay, broken brice, etc0.5-1.2
Mediumpeat, large anthracite, compacted coal, clay, limestone, crushed stone, sale, gravel, brick, bauxite, flake iron oxide scale, cement, sand and brick in water, etc>1.2-2.0
Heavylimestone, heavy clay, medium and small ores, hard stones, rod-shaped iron oxide scale, iron ore, lead concentrate powder, etc>2.0-2.6
Super heavylarge ore, large manganese ore, sedimentary agglomerated lead ore powder, etc2.6-3.3

The grab of grab bridge crane is divided into many types according to the structure and function, and the most common type one of grab bridge crane is the four rope grab.

1Common-four-rope-grab  2Four-rope-paina-grab-bucket  3Double-rope-grab

4Single-rope-hanging-grab  5Electro-hydraulic-clamshell-grab  6Electro-hydraulic-multi-flap-grab

Advantages of Grab Bridge Crane

  • Grab bridge crane is mainly used for hoisting 5t~20t things, and it can also be customized according to customer needs;

  • The main beam is optimized by computer design, with good performance and light weight;

  • Compact structure, high lifting height;

  • Large span;

  • Grab bridge crane is widely used in workshops, metallurgy, warehouses, assembly workshops, etc.

Specification of Grab Bridge Crane

Lifting capacityton5-25ton
Lifting heightH(m)10-26m
Hoisting speedm/min40.1-48.6
Trolley speedm/min87.3-113
Working grade/A6
Working environment temperature°C-25~40
Power source/three-phase 380V 50HZ
Control mode/cabin control/remote control

Structure Details of Double Girder Overhead Crane


Trolley consists of motor, reducer, brake, trolley frame, drum, hook, pulley etc. It includes lifting system and cross traveling system. Trolley is designed according to the application and working environment.

Grab Buckets

There are many types of grab bucket. You can choose according to your needs, such as two-rope or four-rope mechanical grabs, electro-hydraulic grabs, six-lobed grabs, stainless steel grabs, log grabs and other types.

Electrical parts

We provide electrical components that suit your needs and can provide two operating modes, ground control or cab control, which can be installed for you according to the actual situation.

EOT Crane

Applications Of Grab Bridge Crane

Mainly used for processing magnetic metal products and materials, such as garbage disposal sites, material processing, etc.

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