Shipyard Gantry Crane

Shipyard gantry crane is a type of gantry crane. It has the characteristics of large lifting capacity, large span, multi-function and high efficiency. It is often used for step-by-step transportation of ship body, butt joints, and aerial or in-situ turns. The structure of the outriggers and the main beam is box-shaped.

Shipyard Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane Types
Cantilever Gantry Crane
Shipyard Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane Types
Cantilever Gantry Crane

Advantages of Shipyard Gantry Crane

  • Novel structure and easy to use;

  • It is a rotatable lifting tool, which increases the workplace and has high work efficiency;

  • The main beam structure is box-shaped, with good sealing and long service life;

  • Use high-quality steel, light weight, and low wheel load.

Specification of Shipyard Gantry Crane

Main Technical Parameters
Lifting capacity15-1200t
Wheelbase6 -22m
Span6 -20m
Travelling speed0-20m/min(full load)
0-40m/min(no load)
Lifting speed0-1m/min(full load)
0-3m/min(no load)
Operation modeCabin / remote control

EOT Crane

Applications Of Shipyard Gantry Crane

It is usually used for ship launching and plant hoisting. It can easily and quickly hoist, maintain and repair all kinds of ships, and complete various transportation tasks in the factory. The operation is simple and fast, with strong safety and reliable quality.

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