Zhonggong Crane For Mining

Zhonggong Crane For Mining

The hazardous conditions of underground and open-cut mining call for rugged material-handling equipment that is built to endure moisture, corrosion, abrasive dust and ignitable fumes.

Our special designed overhead cranes, process cranes and workstation lifting system are equipped to handle the task.

Cranes for the mining industry

As the world's large-scale mineral projects continue to advance steadily, the mining heat for metals and ore remains unabated, and the demand for mining cranes will further rise. Mining  crane machinery is used in open yards, warehouses, workshops and other places to realize the automation handling of large-scale heavy objects and greatly improve operation efficiency. It is one of the important equipment to ensure the efficient operation of mines.

Mining crane can be used to carry or move heavy objects and finished items. After being equipped with a grab bucket, mining crane can carry bulk materials such as ore, and can lift liquid materials after being equipped with buckets. There are mainly single girder crane, double girder crane, general-purpose bridge crane, gantry crane, electric hoist and jib crane, which are mostly used in the mining industry.

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