European Standard Overhead Crane

European standard Overhead Crane are designed according to international standards: FEM (Europe), DIN (Germany), ISO (International), and have many advantages such as strong rigidity, light weight, low power, and outstanding structural design. Compared with traditional cranes, European-style cranes have the smallest limit distance from the hook to the wall, the lowest clearance height, and can work closer to the front, with a higher lifting height, which actually increases the effective working space of the existing plant.

Different Types Of European Bridge Crane For Sale

European Standard Single Girder Overhead Crane

Europe Standard Single Girder Overhead Crane is the new designed crane for the low workshop and high lifting height demands. It has many advantages such as: strong rigidity, light dead weight, outstanding structure design, etc. It could save your factory space and investment effectively. 

European-Standard-Single-Girder-Overhead-Crane.jpg European-Standard-Single-Girder-Overhead-Crane-by-Zhonggong.jpg


European Standard Double Girder Overhead Crane

Europe Standard Double Girder Overhead Crane is composed of box type bridge frame, lifting trolley, crane traveling mechanism, and electrical system. It is an excellent choice where high speeds and heavy service are required. As the widely used hoisting machinery currently especially is suitable for working at warehouses and freight yard and other department it is prohibited to use the equipment in the combustible, explosive or corrosives environment.

European-Standard-Double-Girder-Overhead-Crane.jpg  European-Standard-Double-Girder-Overhead-Crane-by-zhonggong.jpg

Advantages of European Standard Overhead Crane

  • Low headroom and high reliability

  • Take multiple measures to ensure the smooth operation of material handling

  • Faster transportation

  • Have more intelligent functions to help efficient production

  • Support synchronous lifting and centralized control

  • The electrical components are of good quality and durable

Specification of European Standard Overhead Crane

Lifting capacity(ton)1-30
Working temperature-25~40°C
Lifting speed (m/min)8/0.8
Lifting height(m)6、9、12、18、24、30
Traveling speed(m/min)20/30

EOT Crane

Applications Of European Standard Overhead Crane

European standard Overhead Crane is widely used in the handling and application of materials in industrial manufacturing, petroleum, workshops, material inventories, warehouses, electronics, etc. and other places.

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