Jib Crane

Jib cranes are light and convenient cranes that we have been designing to rotate at multiple angles. It can rotate 180°, 270°, 345°, 360°. Its simple structure, convenient installation, flexible rotation and enlarged working space are light crane equipment suitable for modern production.

The jib crane is composed of a column/pillar, a slewing device, a boom and an electric hoist, etc. The swingarm can be rotated according to the user's requirements. The rotating part can be operated manually or electrically.

Jib cranes are used in production lines, assembly lines, warehouses, ports, laboratories, etc. in machinery manufacturing, automobiles, shipbuilding and other modern industries.

Advantages Of Jib Crane

  • Simple structure, simple and convenient operation

  • Large working space, energy-saving, and high efficiency

  • Flexible 360°rotation, suitable for docks, warehouses, assembly workshops, and other places

Parameters Of Jib Crane

Lifting capacity0.25~0.5t
Lifting height4m
Power supply380v-50Hz-3p

Packing Of Jib Crane

  • The electrical parts and electric hoists are packed in high-quality wooden boxes to avoid deformation during the process.

  • The product boom and other parts are packed with a plastic woven cloth to avoid bumps during transportation.

EOT Crane
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