Hydraulic gantry crane

The hydraulic gantry crane is a light and small equipment crane that can move and rotate 360°. Universal load wheels are installed under the outriggers, which can move freely on flat ground. The main beam of the mast and the outrigger can be quickly disassembled and installed, and it can be easily moved and disassembled from one work site to another.

Hydraulic gantry crane
Hydraulic gantry crane
Hydraulic gantry crane
Hydraulic gantry crane

Advantages of Hydraulic gantry crane

  • Capable of handling 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers

  • Used for moving containers from trailer to ground and to eliminate containers being left on trailers for long periods of time

  • Max 60,000 kg in lifting capacity

  • Equipped with wide tires, can be used on rugged or unstable terrains

  • Enables to move oversize disproportionate loads

  • Can Travel Fully Loaded

  • Can be easily broke down and moved to a new location

Specification of Hydraulic gantry crane

Product namehydraulic gantry crane
Capacity0.5 ton1 ton2 ton3 ton4 ton5 ton7.5 ton10 ton
Span (m)2-12 (customized)
Height (m)1-10 (customized)
Lifting equipmentManual / Electric wire rope or Chain hoist
Power380V 50HZ 3P or As Required

EOT Crane

Applications Of Hydraulic gantry crane

hydraulic gantry crane is a small portable lifting gantry crane that can meet the requirements of daily production, such as handling equipment, warehouse incoming and outgoing goods, lifting and maintenance of heavy equipment and material transportation. It can be used in mold manufacturing, auto repair plants, mines, construction sites and occasions requiring lifting. 

It is especially suitable for the installation, handling and commissioning of workshop equipment, and is widely used for mold installation of injection molding machines in factories, material handling, loading and unloading of goods on automobiles, and lifting of large engine parts in auto repair workshops.

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