Zhonggong Crane For Container Handling

Zhonggong Crane For Container Handling

A container crane (also container handling gantry crane or ship-to-shore crane) is a type of large dockside gantry crane found at container terminals for loading and unloading intermodal containers from container ships.

Container cranes consist of a supporting framework that can traverse the length of a quay or yard on a rail track. Instead of a hook, the container handling crane is equipped with a specialized handling tool called a spreader. The spreader can be lowered on top of a container and locks onto the container's four locking points ("corner castings") using a twistlock mechanism. Cranes normally transport a single container at once, but some newer cranes have the capability to pick up two to four 20-foot containers at once.

Different types of container lifting equipment

There are many types of container lifting equipment, including telescopic stackers, empty container handlers, ship-to-shore container cranes, rail mounted gantry cranes, rubber tired gantry crane and gantry slewing cranes to meet your unique needs in terminal management.

Rail mounted container gantry cranes are mainly used for container loading, unloading, handling and stacking in container railway transfer yards and large container storage and transportation yards.

Rail mounted container gantry crane is composed of main beam, outrigger, trolley, hoisting mechanism, crane running mechanism, electrical system, operating cab, etc. According to the site, the container storage and transportation process and the loading and unloading of the vehicles, different structures without cantilever, single cantilever and double cantilever are adopted.

Quayside container cranes are professional equipment specially used for loading and unloading container ships at container terminals, and are generally installed on the shore of port terminals.

The quayside container crane is composed of a portal frame and a bridge frame supported on the portal frame. The trolley uses a special spreader to lift the container along the track on the bridge frame for operation. The mast can walk along a track parallel to the shore, and adjust the working position and align the box position once.

Rubber tyred container gantry crane (commonly known as yard bridges, abbreviated as RTG in English) are special machinery for large-scale specialized container yards, which load and unload standard containers. It is not only suitable for container yards, but also for special container yards.

Rubber tyred container gantry cranes adopts digital frequency conversion speed regulation and can move in two directions in the container yard. Equipped with a telescopic spreader that can lift 20-foot and 40-foot containers. In order to reduce the swing of the spreader, a mechanical anti-sway device is installed. Under normal circumstances, the span of the rubber tyred container gantry crane is 23.47 meters, and cranes with non-standard spans are also available. The lifting height can ensure that a 40-foot-long 9'6” container is lifted over four (or five to six) stacks.

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