Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead cranes are usually used in open warehouses or railways and other places to carry out common loading and unloading and material handling tasks. The double girder overhead crane is a heavy-duty bridge crane that is frequently used.

Specification of Double Girder Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane (5-50t)
Overhead Crane (75-250t)
Overhead Crane (300-450t)
overhead crane(5-50t)Lifting Capacityton51016203250
Lifting heightm6~166~166~166~166~186~16
Lifting speedm/min11.
Trolley travelling speedm/min37.237.440.1403731.3
Crane travelling speedm/min70.670.674.375.164.958.5
Work class
Track type
P38P38 P43P43P43QU70QU80

overhead crane(75-250t)Lifting Capacityton75100125160200250
Lifting heightm6~206~206~206~226~206~20
Lifting speedm/min3.
Trolley travelling speedm/min31.333.633403232
Crane travelling speedm/min6161.862.3684850
Work class
Track type

overhead crane(300-450t)Lifting Capacityton300350400450
Lifting heightm6~246~246~306~30
Lifting speedm/min2.
Trolley travelling speedm/min28283127
Crane travelling speedm/min42424542
Work class
Track type

Advantages of Double Girder Overhead Crane

  • Widely used for handling materials in industries' workshop and warehouse

  • Load Capacity can be up to 500t, the maximum span up to 35 m

  • Reduce the overall investment of the plant, improve production efficiency, reduce maintenance costs

  • save operating energy consumption, and obtain a better return on investment

Structure of Double Girder Overhead Crane

double-girder-overhead-crane-structure.jpgThe double girder overhead crane is widely used for lifting heavy materials in plants, warehouse, and material stocks. It’s composed with Girder frame, Crane travel device, and the trolley with lifting and moving device. The trolley and hoist run on a rail installed on top of the bridge girders, and the double girder overhead crane can be either top running or under running in design. Assemble the moving table on the outside of the two main girder, one side is prepare for the assemble and maintenance the crane move device, and another side is prepare for the assemble of the trolley conductor device.

There are full field of view Cabin suspend under the main girder, there are joint control desk or single control box packed within the Cabin, assemble the sidelong ladder between the Cabin and moving table, The main girder joint with the two side end carriage which with the joint point in the middle.

EOT Crane

Applications Of Double Girder Overhead Crane

With high speeds, extreme level of equipment utilization, high performance and high reliability, we offer a wide range of cranes for the metal production especially the steel production sector. The hazardous conditions of underground and open-cut mining require durable cranes can work stably and reliably in extreme environment. We provide customized crane solutions, to help customers get the best lifting way and increase the efficiency and safety.

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