What Are the Important Parts and Functions of the Port Crane?

Port crane is a kind of mechanical equipment with wide application and powerful features. As a key mechanical equipment in port, its advantage lies in its high-quality structure. Its important equipment structure is as follows: main beam 2, lifting truck 1, grab bucket 1, operating room 1 set, cable electrical equipment 1 set and spare parts.

1. Main girder assembly of port cranes

Sort out the premises to meet the requirements for mechanical equipment assembly. Then use wooden sleepers to separate them, place them on both sides under the main beam, and then place the two main beams in the door crane in sequence, use a manual hoist to bring the two main beams close together, use a hydraulic jack to lay the two main beams, and then Connect the main beam connecting plate with the anchor bolts.

The connecting plate is configured during the manufacturing process of the main beam, and the anchor bolts are high wear-resistant pin axle anchor bolts.

2. Some equipment operating rooms and electrical products of port cranes

After the main girder is assembled, fix it on the surrounding guardrails, tie the main girder at a height of 1m with a port crane, fix it on the bracket with anchor bolts, and hoist it together with the main girder.

3. Trial lifting of the main girder of the port crane

The hoisting of the main girder is completed independently by a 50t crane, and a trial hoisting must be carried out. For the trial hanging, first tie the main girder to a height of 300mm to check the balance and stability. The contact between the lower inclination angle of the main girder and the galvanized steel wire point should be a circular hugging angle to prevent damage to the galvanized steel wire.

4. Hoisting main girder of port crane

After the trial lifting check is correct, prepare to release the lifting. When lifting, be guided by the lifter. No matter who issued the signal rules, only follow the lifter signals.

5. Hoisting port cranes

After the main girder is hoisted, use the port crane to tie up the crane truck, put it on the main girder, measure the direction accurately, and connect the four wheels with the guide rails on the main girder. At this time, tighten the brake system to prevent the crane from sliding.

6. Grab equipment for port cranes

After the main beam is energized and adjusted, all distributions work normally. After each travel switch is comfortable and reliable, learn to abandon the galvanized steel wire and adjust the grab according to the extensive theory of threading the rope to ensure that the grab elevator is easy to open and close.

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