Analysis of Current Situation of Crane Industry in China in 2021

In recent years, indigenous crane manufacturers have continuously improved product series and advanced product operation performance. In addition, in the transformation and development of crane products, they pay more attention to environmental protection, safety, reliability, energy conservation and efficiency, so as to promote the social benefits of products. Please follow Editor Yuntian to look into the current situation of the domestic crane industry in 2021:

1. Polarization development of product tonnage

At present, the development of the domestic crane industry in product maximization and miniaturization is particularly prominent. The tonnage of crane products has a trend of polarization. This requires crane enterprises to increase scientific research investment, improve R & D capacity, and strive to launch a "mini" crane integrating a variety of technologies.

2. Intelligent crane

With the development of society, crane solutions are required in more and more industries, and many spaces do not support large cranes to work, so such a working environment requires the emergence of cranes with special skills or structures. In the future, it is an inevitable trend for cranes to be intelligent-centered, science and technology-oriented and humanity-based. On the one hand, crane enterprises are required to update the development means, but also enterprises shall embrace a sense of innovation, actively use available resources and develop their own products.

3. E-commerce brings new opportunities for crane

The traditional profit model will be greatly challenged. The rise of e-commerce can directly help enterprises reduce costs, increase efficiency and upend the competition field. For example, the e-commerce platform focusing on the lifting equipment industry can not only help enterprises optimize resources and reduce cost allocation, but also implement the Pay For Performance mode, that is, no charge for no order and less charge for transactions.

There is a favorable environment for the development of the crane industry at home this year.

First, the industry shake-out has expanded the business space for advantageous enterprises, and some demands have gradually gathered to enterprises with brands, high-quality products and R&D capacity.

Second, if market entities feature rapid transformation to manufacturing + service industry, sound purchasing power for both software and hardware, the introduction of financial capital for cooperation and the successful experience of new business models, they would have larger reviving market opportunities.

Third, the targeted regulation policies issued by the Government last year is gradually playing its role. Enterprises are gradually adapting to and making use of the favorable factors brought by interest rate and reserve requirement reduction and tax and fee reduction.

At this point, although the industry is still in the recession period of operation law. In the long run, enterprises should firmly stick to the five visions of "innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing development" according to the established development plan, endeavor to introduce new technologies to transform traditional processes and products, improve the soft power in research and design, process technology, management and operation, and advance the hard strength in terms of product performance and quality to make the enterprise strive for progress while maintaining stability, and finally realize the industrial restructuring and upgrading.

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