Henan Zhonggong Group Manufactures 130 ton Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Recently, Henan Zhonggong Group contracted to manufacture a batch of 130t-49m double girder overhead cranes, loaded and shipped. After installation, operation and use, our double girder overhead cranes are highly recognized by our customers!

Henan Zhonggong Group, as a well renowned crane producer in China, we offer global customers excellent cranes. The double girder overhead cranes produced by Henan Zhonggong Group meet the strict requirements of the standards to ensure safe and reliable lifting solutions for heavy-duty applications. Our double girder overhead cranes are constructed from high-quality components and are designed to withstand the stress of lifting and moving heavy objects. Small wheel pressure, stable running speed, low noise, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. The structure is strong, durable, safe and cost-effective. The work load is up to 500 tons.

Henan Zhongong Group has always been committed to the business policy of “Dedicating First-class Products and Providing Satisfactory Services” and the service tenet of “Conduct Business with Ethics and Treat People with Integrity”. The excellent product quality, integrity and efficiency of the first-class service. 

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