The Importance of Testing Operation of Portal Gantry Crane and Handling Methods of Machine Overheating

The importance of trial operation and use of a portal gantry crane

With the advancement of science and technology and the development of economic construction, the role of cranes in reducing physical labor intensity and improving labor productivity is becoming increasingly prominent.

However, as national safety and management regulations for cranes become increasingly strict, their safety and safe use have also received more attention.

The quality of the general portal gantry crane inspection regulations has a great influence on the installation capacity of cranes, the service life of crane structures and components, crane design efficiency, production, use and safety, and economic benefits.

After the equipment is installed, proper debugging is also necessary to further check the quality of the equipment and minimize equipment failures. In other words, debugging is the terminal link to check the quality of equipment.

According to the importance of portal gantry crane safety work, the crane must undergo empty, full, and overload tests as required to meet the operational requirements of various loads after being put into use. These tests must be performed in the working state or specific static state of the crane mechanism. This requires that the portal gantry crane be installed and load tested before being put into use.

Flexible gantry crane components, such as steel wire ropes, will stretch, deform, and loosen after initial loading. This also requires adjustment, correction, processing, and tightening after the installation and debugging of the portal gantry crane.

Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the installation, debugging, and debugging of the crane to ensure the safety and normal use of the portal gantry crane in the future.

The method for handling the overheating of the portal gantry crane engine

As an important component of the portal gantry crane, the use and maintenance of the engine is also worth noting. So, what can we do to solve the problem when the engine of the portal gantry crane overheats during use?

First of all, we need to know the cause of the overheating of the portal gantry crane engine. The portal gantry crane engine needs to constantly rotate and friction in the working state, and heat will be generated continuously during the friction process, which is also the most basic physics knowledge in middle school.

Therefore, the overheating of the bearing of the portal gantry crane is mostly caused by the accumulation of heat generated by its rapid rotation. However, the continuous rotation and friction of the portal gantry crane equipment during use is inevitable, so we can only find ways to improve the overheating problem of the engine of the portal gantry crane.

To improve the overheating problem of the portal gantry crane engine, a relatively common method is to design a cooling system for the portal gantry crane engine or perform cooling treatment, so that the engine can be cooled synchronously when it heats up, thereby avoiding the easy overheating of the bearing of the portal gantry crane.

Considering the delicate and small size of the engine components themselves, cooling treatment is easier to implement than the design of a cooling system. By introducing cooling water into the bearing or directly supplemented with cooling water circulation, it is possible to achieve the purpose of cooling and lowering the temperature of the lifting bearing of the crane.

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