The Main Faults of Cranes and Their Elimination Methods

Under normal circumstances, the main faults that may occur in various crane mechanisms and their troubleshooting methods are as follows:

1. The fuselage swings too much when the hoisting cargo of the EOT crane is turned


1) The operation of the EOT crane is too violent;

2) The connecting base bolts are loose;

3) The slewing bearing fixing bolts are loose or damaged.

Methods of exclusion:

1) Improvement;

2) Check whether the bolts of the crane are suitable for tightness, and tighten the screws;

3) Check whether the bolts are tight enough, and tighten or replace the fixing bolts.

2. The working surface of the brake wheel of the crane brake is heated over 100 ℃, and the brake belt emits smoke or produces a burnt smell


1. When the crane brake is working, the gap between the brake belt and the brake wheel is too small;

2. The brake belt of the crane is not concentric with the brake wheel, and part of the brake belt is not released when the brake is released.

Methods of exclusion:

1) Increase the gap;

2) Adjust the brake of the EOT crane so that the contact between the brake belt and the brake wheel is uniform.

3. When the brake of the crane is closed, the brake wheel continues to rotate and does not stop


1) The gap between the brake belt and the brake wheel of the crane is too large, and the brake is inaccurate when the brake is closed;

2) The brake pads are worn;

3) Crane oil adheres to the brake wheel or brake belt.

Methods of exclusion:

1) Reduce the gap;

2) Same as above;

3) Remove the brake pads, clean and dry the EOT crane with diesel oil, and install it in place.

4. Crane pulley drum is stuck


1) Crane bearings are worn or broken;

2) Insufficient lubrication.

Methods of exclusion:

1) Replace the bearing of the crane;

2) Carry out lubrication treatment.

5. When the crane is working, the heating temperature of the gearbox bearing exceeds 70 ℃


1) The lubricating oil of the crane is mixed with dirt, dust or metal chips;

2) The lubricating oil of the crane is insufficient or oil leakage;

3) The relevant bolts are loose.

Methods of exclusion:

1) Pour out the old lubricating oil, clean the gearbox with diesel oil, and then add new oil;

2) Add lubricating oil to eliminate oil leakage defects;

3) Adjust the loose bolts to be tightened.

6. When the EOT crane is working, the temperature of the reduction box is too high and there is a strong noise in the box


1) The rolling bearing of the crane is worn;

2) The gear is damaged;

3) The lubricating oil of the crane is insufficient;

Methods of exclusion:

1) Replace the bearing of the crane;

2) Replace the gear;

3) Add some lubricating oil to maintain a certain amount of oil.

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